Our Story

Stephen McOmish

Hello, my name is Stephen McOmish and I am a PGA Professional.

I am the designer and founder of The Golf Tent. The idea was born out of frustration. I was running a Golf Academy near Murcia, Spain for a number of years – but just as I got some momentum with lessons during the mild weather in Winter and Spring, people stopped taking lessons during the 4 month summer period due to the heat. It was very frustrating as I almost had to start the coaching business from scratch again in Autumn.

After 3 years I moved back to my native Scotland – Crieff at the foot of the Scottish Highlands. Again, I was motivated and passionate to build a strong coaching business. I had lots of interest but again the weather was the biggest obstacle ... this time not the sun, but inclement weather like rain and wind... The idea for an all-weather coaching solution was born! However, I had seen some products but they were flimsy and not fit for purpose.

After leaving school several decades ago I had joined the British Military for 10 years, and during this period I had seen how they had utilised quick to install and easy to put up, extremely strong and robust tents as command centres for field operations. I thought if I could find and a product with the same robust quality, it would then mean a Coach would never be at the mercy of the weather again. This led to me to another journey – sourcing a manufacturer that could supply a tent to military grade robust standards and to a design that covered all requirements! After over 2 years of testing various tent designs under real conditions with actionable feedback, we finally have finalised our product that can withstand everything the Highlands weather could throw at it – wind, sleet, rain, and (sometimes) sunshine!

The Golf Tent

I am so proud of The Golf Tent – primarily because it will provide significantly increased income for Coaches around the world – Coaches just like me who depend upon their income to support their family. It is a solution that will multiply its investment many times over within a very short space of time – and we have found that in many cases the sponsorship and branding opportunities means it is cost free. It provides golf clubs with the option for portable all-weather practice, from grass or mats, as well as the versatility of using it as a starter hut or halfway house during important competitions. You have my personal guarantee that the robust military grade quality of The Golf Tent is unmatched and is, fit for purpose.

Stephen McOmish, PGA Professional, Crieff, Spring 2019