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For Coaches

the All Weather Solution to Increase Revenue

Do people stop booking lessons because it’s too hot, or cancel their lessons because of rain or adverse weather?

Just imagine to be able to Coach in all weathers – no more losing Coaching revenue because of weather – how much would this lost income add up to over 1, 3 or 5 years?

Opportunity to gain further income from sponsors branding on the Tent, or use your own Academy Branding to separate yourself from other Coaches in your region

Seem like a dream?

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For Golf Clubs

Portable, Flexible, Quick and Easy to Install Solution

Ideal for Member’s practice creating a portable practice solution to elevate your Club from other clubs in the region

Can be used as a portable starters hut, refreshments hut during tournaments or events and exhibitions to increase your club’s professionalism

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For Home Users

Convenient Practice in the Comfort of your own Home

Accelerate your progress with home practice - The Golf Tent can be a practice net in your garden so you can practice in comfort in heat or rain!

Keen to start improving?

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For Golf Companies

the Portable and Professional Weather Solution for Demo Days and Exhibitions

Increase your sales regardless of the weather conditions

Installed in less than 10 minutes with flexible size options

No more losing money because of extreme or adverse weather

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