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Stephen McOmish

is a Director of Advanced Sport Innovations (ASI)

Steve, who is from Crieff in Perthshire, has been a PGA Professional for almost 20 years. He is part of the Professional team at Crieff Golf Club, a very busy 27 hole club in the heart of Perthshire, Scotland. 


Michael Crawford

is a Director of Advanced Sport Innovations (ASI)

He is a keen golfer and has been playing since the age of 5. 

Michael has been involved in outdoor activities and pursuits as a profession since graduating from University. His knowledge of the practical and technical aspects of The Golf Tent are invaluable. He ensures that we achieve the very best quality of products and maintain a standard of excellence throughout..

Mike brings with him a wealth of sales and marketing experience. He is excited about running his own business with his friend, golf coach and co-director Stephen McOmish. 



Made by golfers for golfers

In adverse weather golf can be a very challenging game, for the practising golfer it can at times be a miserable affair. in wet weather quality practise can be pretty elusive making it incredibly frustrating for the serious golfer.

The problem is not confined only to wet and windy weather. In winter practice can be very restricted. In hot climates practice time is often shortened due to the heat. It can also be dangerous to health with constant exposure to the sun.

It was in 2015 that Steve, frustrated with cancelled lessons due to poor weather, first had the idea of The Golf Tent. At this time Steve began coaching Michael, who immediately loved the idea of The Golf Tent. The seeds were first sown and after many hours, weeks and months and collaboration with concept design engineers, The Golf Tent idea turned to reality........

'We needed a product that would first of all allow golf to be played in any weather. So it had to be weatherproof providing protection from rain, wind, cold and hot weather. We needed something that could be portable, easy to put up and take down, and it wouldn't cause any damage to sensitive areas of ground. In particular The Golf Tent would have to be versatile enough to move around a golf complex easily.' 

'We needed it also to be able to take to external events to promote golf, such as schools, parks, fetes etc. It also had to have the ability to extend in size, allowing more than one player to use at any time.' The Golf Tent was born!