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What is The Golf Tent?

The Golf Tent is the first complete all-around portable cover that allows Golfers and Golf Coaches protection in any weather and the flexibility to practice and coach in any location. It enables Golf Clubs the ability to offer their Members and Visitors unrestricted quality practice in all areas of the game and Golf Professionals increased coaching revenue. 

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Who can use it?
The Golf Tent can be used by anyone. It is safe, dry and warm and is ideal for anyone wishing to practice.
For a coach it is the perfect aid to teach, especially in inclement weather. no more cancelled lessons and lost revenue due to poor weather.

How is it different from any other products? 
First of all, it is very eye-catching. It is also portable and can be moved around various parts of the practice area or Golf Course. It can also be taken easily to different locations such as schools, colleges or fetes for promotional work.

How is the Golf Tent useful for a coach?
No more canceled lessons unless the wind is extreme. The Golf Tent is designed for use in poor weather. It is also safe to use on short-game areas and putting greens. 
It is also a must for coaching in hot climates. It can be very uncomfortable for a coach to be working in the heat and unproductive for students. Not to mention the obvious dangers of sun exposure to the skin. The Golf Tent solves all of that- with Uv protection, as well as the ability to add additional air conditioning to the tent.

How is it useful for a Golf Club?
As it is portable it can be moved around a facility, whether it is on the Range with added modules as a Driving Range or whether it is moved to the Short-game area, Putting Green or parts of the
Course for use as a Corporate stop over. The list is endless.

Who else would benefit from having The Golf Tent?
As The Golf Tent is so versatile and portable it can be used for a number of sports and outside events. 

What size is it?
It is 4.0 Meters wide, 4.0 Meters deep and 3.4 Meters high. The size allows for complete freedom of movement. Although a single module is designed for an individual golfer, there is ample space for a coach to observe and extra space with the teaching attachment for coaching equipment, such as cameras and ball flight performance systems. There is also ample space for more than one person to hit from a different direction at the same time.

The optional Training Attachment allows an extra metre in depth. This extra space allows for the use of analysis systems and equipment storage.

Does it take a long time to put up?

It takes approximately 10-15minutes to put up. Less with practice. 

Can I leave it up?

Yes. The inflatable legs need a quick top up with air after about 7-10 days.  We recommend monitoring the weather forecasts. If excessive wind is forecast, we advise removing the side-panels.

How much does it cost?
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